Drizzt’s Warband

Drizzt's Warband
Drizzt, Drow Ranger (CR 3, 87 pts)
Tordek, Dwarf Champion (59 pts)
Rikka, Angelic Avenger (31 pts)
Devis, Half-Elf Bard (6 pts)
Mialee, Elf Wizard (6 pts)
Jozan, Cleric of Pelor (4 pts)
Lidda, Halfling Rogue (4 pts)
Xeph Warrior (3 pts)
Mithral Mines
Total = 200 pts, 8 activations

Drizzt was released some time ago in the Archfiends set yet has never become popular on the tournament scene. His point cost is very high, and to be worth that investment, he must be paired with units that take full advantage of his command effect and special abilities. Such units were in short supply until the release of Rikka in Underdark and Tordek in War of the Dragon Queen. With these additions, it’s now possible to build a Drizzt band that is both fun and competitive.

Using Drizzt’s Warband Building to pull Tordek across from Lawful Good provides the band with a fearsome hitter. Tordek attacks at +22/+17 (20 magic + 5 electricity) when within range of Drizzt’s command effect. Likewise, Rikka’s attack is improved to +18 (25 magic). These reliable, high-damage attacks can quickly bring down an opposing titan, low-hp Maruts especially. While this band is less happy to face a quad-band with multiple threats, Tordek’s Cleave provides some help in this area as well.

Drizzt himself has a respectable damage output when using a full attack, though care must be taken not to engage with him too early. If he is killed, the rest of the band’s attack and damage ratings suffer, as do the all-important morale saves. Remember that Drizzt’s command effect also boosts the save of Unique followers by +3, giving him an effective command rating of 6 for the morale saves of Tordek and Rikka.

Because both Drizzt and Tordek depend partially on elemental damage, an opposing Couatl can be a problem. This is where Devis shines. His Countersong ability can suppress the Couatl’s energy resistance, as well as other potentially troublesome opposing command effects such as the Young Master’s Stunning Attack bonus.

Mialee’s magic weapon is not strictly necessary in this band, though it can help Drizzt’s third attack land more often. Jozan can attempt a low-percentage stun or heal a critical unit of 5 hp as needed. Lidda’s ranged attack should not be overlooked. If she is hidden, she can fire at +9 (10), which isn’t bad for a 4-point unit. The Xeph, as the only non-unique in the band, should be marched off to collect victory points while the rest of the band engages the enemy.

I chose Mithral Mines for this warband because it provides cover against opposing ranged attacks while allowing this warband to stay close together to benefit from Drizzt’s command effect.

ps½:yazıyı wizardsın sitesinden çaldım
ps¹:canım ülkemde D&D kitlesi bulmak çok zor 😦 varsa partysi ve eksik elemanı olan falan katılmaya gönüllüyüm.

ps²: fantastik öğeleri Türkçe’ye çevirmemek en iyisi, yabancı kökenli sözcükler oldukları için Türkçeleri acaip saçma oluyo.. işin özü: ÇEVİRMEYE ÜŞENDİM! ne var 😛



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